Summer / Outdoor

The Summer season is here, and stores are carrying a wide range of products for your back yard including gazebos, sheds, playcenters, playhouses, BBQs, outdoor patio furniture, and more.

We pick up these items from your retailer, deliver to your home or business, and assemble and install your new purchase. Call us today to find out how we can help.

Playhouse Demolition And Shed Replacement

This recent project is a perfect example of how our service extends beyond the delivery and even assembly of an item. A client requested the removal of an old playhouse in addition to building their new 8’x10′ shed.


Our team took down the playhouse, removed the old materials, and build the new shed in its place.


The finished product, placed on one of our custom-built foundations, laid on top of concrete blocks to maintain a level surface, and with a sturdy ramp for easy access.


Most retailers that carry full play centers also carry smaller playhouses for spaces that don’t work for larger equipment.


These units are perfect for your back yard, school, daycare, or community center. Call us to ask where they are available and what options you have for delivery and assembly.

Placement of a 1600lb Security Safe

No delivery, placement, or installation project is too big for the MTAR Services team. This video shows a recent placement of a 1600lb Safe to the basement of a home. We used a crane truck to get the Safe from the street to the basement, and built a special platform for it to land on and be moved directly into the house.

Placement of a 1600lb Security Safe

Let us know what you need done. We’ll figure out a way to make it happen, and will handle the project from start to finish.

Play Center Assembly

The long days and warm weather are here, and what you really need is that big play center in your back yard to keep the kids occupied during Summer break.


Arrange for us to pick up and deliver the play center from your retailer. After delivery, you can have our assembly team visit to assemble and place it wherever you’d like it go.


See more of our Outdoor Installation projects in our portfolio.

Gazebo Installations

With hot weather on its way, get ready by setting up a Gazebo or Pergola!


We not only assemble and install them, but can secure them according to manufacturer specifications, and do any ground preparation needed. Yes, we can build a Gazebo on your deck, balcony, or rooftop patio too, providing there is enough space.

Garden Sheds Now Available

Throughout Spring and early Summer, garden sheds in many sizes and styles are available from most retailers. Improve the look of your yard and get those tools stored safely under cover!


A Costco 8’x10′ shed, installed with a foundation

If you need help installing your shed, or someone to deliver it to your house, give us a call. We build professional foundations for them as well to keep them off the ground and nice and level.

Get Ready For BBQ Season

This Spring has already been excellent, and everyone is hoping that the trend continues through Summer. Retailers everywhere are featuring all types of BBQs and grills from small propane units to large multi-section islands.

KitchenAid BBQ

We can deliver, assemble, and install your new BBQ, no matter what the size. The photos above shows a KitchenAid BBQ we recently installed. Call us today to see how we can help you set up for some great outdoor cooking this year.